Over the course of the election we have seen many sides of each candidate. Recently we've been able to see Trump with children compared to Hillary with children.

Donald Trump had a rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA Monday night. During the rally Trump spotted a young boy who was being held up by his father.

The crowd was screaming and cheering, but Trump interrupted them for something important. “Wow! Bring him up!”

The dad was happy to allow Trump to spend some time with his boy. He handed him over to Trump, who then held the boy up, so everyone could see him.

The toddler had his hair styled similar to Trump and was wearing a suit and tie. Then Trump turned this into an incredible moment.

“He’s supposed to look like Donald Trump but he’s actually much too good-looking,” Trump said. “You are really handsome.”

After that he asked the boy a few questions and shared a great moment. Finally he asked the boy if he wanted to go back to mommy and daddy or stay with Donald Trump.

"Trump!" the boy shouted and the crowd ate it up.




Trump has many great moments with children while on the campaign trail. This is not the first and it will not be the last. Hillary Clinton rallies go in a totally different direction.

Let's compare this to a Hillary moment with children.

The young child did a great job of capturing how many across this nation, young and old, feel about Hillary Clinton. When you compare Trump with children to Hillary with children, there is no comparison. That could be said when comparing the two about a number of different topics.

It is a very funny photo. What's not funny is the damage Hillary Clinton will do to this country if she becomes president.

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