Trump Burns Hillary With Response to Her “Deplorables” Remark

When Hillary Clinton dumped on Trump supporters by calling them racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc. she really teed one up for him. Trump burns Hillary with response to her “deplorables” remark.

Trump Burns Hillary With Response to Her "Deplorables" Remark

Here is the transcript, followed by video of the speech.

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I was thus deeply shocked and alarmed this Friday to hear my opponent attack, slander, smear, demean these wonderful, amazing people who are supporting our campaign by the millions. Our support comes from every part of America and every walk of life. We have the support of cops and soldiers, carpenters and welders, the young and the old, and millions of working class families who just want a better future and a good job. These were the people Hillary Clinton so viciously demonized.

These were among the countless Americans that Hillary Clinton called deplorable, irredeemable and un-American. Nobody’s heard anything like this. She called these patriotic men and women every vile name in the book; she called them racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic. She called half of our supporters a “basket of deplorable” in both the speech and an interview. She divides people into baskets as though they were objects, not human beings.

Hillary Clinton made these comments at one of her high-dollar fundraisers on Wall Street. She and her wealthy donors all had a good laugh. You heard them; they were all laughing. Good, good solid laugh. They were laughing at the very people who paved the roads — I mean, and these are the roads that she with all of her security, drive on — paint the buildings she speaks in, and importantly, all of the other functions. I mean, if you think all functions in life, including this auditorium and its maintenance.

And Trump finishes with a bang.

Hillary Clinton is an insider supported by powerful insiders attacking Americans who have absolutely no political power. Hillary Clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. She spoke with contempt for the people who thanklessly follow the rules, pay their taxes and scratch out a living for their family; a hard-earned living, too. While Hillary Clinton lives a sequestered life behind gates and walls and guards, she mocks and demeans hardworking Americans who only want their own families to enjoy a fraction of the security enjoyed by our politicians.

After months of hiding from the press, Hillary Clinton has revealed her true thoughts — that was her true thoughts. She revealed herself to be a person who looks down on the proud citizens of our country as subjects for her rule. She views it as her rule.

Trump Burns Hillary With Response to Her “Deplorables” Remark

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