I was scrolling Facebook and came across a screenshot of a tweet from President Trump. I thought for sure the tweet was photoshopped, because of how hilarious it was.

However, it was NOT photoshopped and that made it all the better!

The tweet was a picture of Greenland with the huge, golden Trump International Hotel Las Vegas plopped in between houses. He wrote, “I promise not to do this to Greenland!”


Political talk of purchasing the massive island is still going on, and of course the left is losing their mind.

“Strategically, it’s interesting, and we’d be interested, but we’ll talk to them a little bit. It’s not number one on the burner,” Trump allegedly told reporters, “And strategically for the United States, it would be nice. And we’re a big ally of Denmark, and we help Denmark, and we protect Denmark.”

Beto O'Rourke's employee Robyn Kanner saltily said,  “Can you believe someone sat down in the white house — quite possibly, the west wing — and made this graphic then sent it to the president of the united states of america and was like let’s tweet it and the president of the united states of america was like hell yeah.”

Huffington Post's Andy Ostoy whined, "Are you ever gonna do any actual work? You just f**k off all day and night. Worst, most incompetent president ever … #Trump”

Conservative Fighters reports:

The Washington Examiner noted that Greenland has “extraordinary strategic value” for the United States.

“Through the U.S. Air Force base already present at Thule, Greenland offers critical intelligence capabilities to conduct satellite operations and to detect possible over-the-North-Pole nuclear missile launches from China or Russia,” the Examiner noted. Thule better allows the U.S. to warn its citizens of an imminent attack. Thanks to Thule’s deep water port and long runway, the base provides a logistics hub for operations in the Arctic. And it gives the U.S. military the means to deter and defeat prospective aggression. Russia, in particular, has been working to secure territorial control over resource-rich areas of the Arctic. America’s presence in Greenland is increasingly relevant for that reason.”

“Greenland also abounds with resources. An already energy independent U.S. would have unfettered access to a land rich not only in hydrocarbons but also in rare earth metals that are currently only available from an adversary, China,” The Examiner added. “Greenland also controls flourishing fishing waters.”

Personally I think it would be awesome. What could go wrong with adding Greenland to the United States?

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