As usual, Trey Gowdy owns. In this video, Gowdy discusses the Obama immigration police. There was also a mention of expanding the Obama immigration plan and Trey Gowdy slams the door shut on that. It really peaks when he asks, "How many Syrians will you bring in your house?"

When asking this question it gives some perspective. All of the left wants to pretend that they are all about refugees coming into this country. When you ask them, "How many Syrians will you bring in your house?" it gives some perspective on the situation. Watch the video.

Trey Gowdy Owns

The next time you hear someone from the left complaining that our immigration policies being too tight, you ca ask them, "How many Syrians are you bringing into your house?" Of course they are bringing none and perhaps they will lie and pretend that isn't the case, but you will get your point across.

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