Trevor Noah on President Trump: ‘White Supremacists Think He’s a White Supremacist’

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah addressed the mass shootings in New Zealand last week and of course drew the conclusion President Trump was responsible.

During a “Behind the Scenes” clip, Noah drew the comparison of the shooting being like climate change. This meaning that there isn’t one storm that was directly related to climate change, but the action of President Trump “raises the temperature enough” that actions of violent like this happen.

He then backtracked a little and said he doesn’t think the shooter was “inspired” by President Trump to Muslims, but the shooter and Trump are “inspired by the same things.”

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More on the story from Lifezette:

“They’re products of the same white supremacy. They believe the same things,” Noah reasoned.

“Donald Trump and these people will go around saying, ‘Oh, he’s not a white supremacist.’”

“Yeah, but all white supremacists think he’s a white supremacist … He’s a product of that, which is scary because, you know, when you think he’s the figurehead, it makes it easy to go, ‘If you get rid of him, then the problem is gone’ — but I honestly believe that Donald Trump is a product of white supremacy.”

“He is a product of that fear that has been instilled in many white men in America and around the world who’ve been led to believe that they’re constantly under assault and that they’re being replaced and that their place in this world is at risk.”

Later on Noah mentioned how the spreading of white supremacist messages online and ISIS propaganda are linked. “This is what’s happening to you. You should be afraid and this is how you fight back.”

The left has ripped on Hollywood so much that they have to keep going further and further in order to get a reaction. Noah has shown that he knows no boundaries when it comes to ridiculous claims against President Trump.

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