Wrap your head around that. Instead of just allowing children to be children, the website "Transkids" is geared toward transgender children. You know, just in case a child needs to experiment with the opposite gender.

Transkids is geared toward parents of children as young as two to three years old. It sells fake penises, tucking trunks and more. Oh and they offer circumcised and uncircumcised.

Even though children two or three years old have no idea what gender even is, their progressive parents need to be appeased.

'Transkids' Website Sells 'Gender Affirming Supplies' For Transgender Children

These products are very similar to items made for older transitioning individuals. The difference is that they are obviously smaller. You know, they are just trying to help the transitioning two year old children be more "authentic" to their chosen gender.

'Transkids' Website Sells 'Gender Affirming Supplies' For Transgender Children

Per Daily Wire:

Since these fake members won't hold themselves in place, the site also offers a variety of "packing" options, including pouches and special underwear that will hold your child's false genitalia in place. If your child is worried their new physique doesn't operate quite like the other boys', the site also offers a special funnel she can use to pee in a urinal.

If your child is anatomically male but wants to transition to female, the site also has you covered, quite literally. TransKids offers several underwear options, based on designs used by drag queens, to help your young transgender son "tuck" his penis between his legs. It's much cheaper to transition from male to female, apparently; those "trunks" will only run you around $15.

If these "supplies" look suspiciously like sex toys, you're not far off the mark. TransKids is run by a gender non-binary individual named Searah (who also has a "gender non-binary" child!), who also runs a site that provides "high quality gender expression" gear to adults. In her spare time, Searah also runs a hardcore sex toy shop that sells more "functional" items, and "erotic delights" for individuals across the gender "spectrum."

Both TransKids and Searah's other websites use the same hand models.

At what point do we draw the line? Shouldn't someone be able to acknowledge they have any idea what a gender is before we start "transitioning" them? Not according to the far left.

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