Laura Loomer, a journalist from The Rebel, visited a "metaphysical boutique" in Brooklyn. She was there to interview an anti-Trump transgender witch. While there, the transgender witch casts a spell on Trump. Alternatively, the witch thinks ISIS is alright! Despite Laura advising him on the Islamic State killers who sell women as sex slaves and throw gays from rooftops, he thought ISIS was OK!

Wouldn't the acts of ISIS qualify them as Islamophobic? Not according to this individual. If visiting an Islamic caliphate this wacko trans witch would be the first one thrown from a rooftop.

Watch the video.

Per Rebel Media:

Transgender Witch Casts a Spell on Trump

Logic and liberal are two things that should never be used in the same sentence. This guy, girl, whatever you want to call it, is completely insane.

Great job by Rebel Media to completely expose the hypocrisy of the left. Despite this witch being someone ISIS would love to throw off of a building, he still refuses to oppose ISIS in any way. Why? Who the heck knows.

The only thing this creature is sure of is that he hates President Trump. He probably can't name any rational reasons as to why, but that is OK. His (her) mind is made up!

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