Walt Heyer is a transgender surgery survivor. He went all the way through the process, taking hormones and having his genitalia removed. His wish was to live life as a woman. Unfortunately this turned out to be a horrible mistake. Heyer said that the world-renowned surgeon who operated on him said that no surgery can turn a man into a woman. That is completely correct. Even a surgeon that has made millions of dollars doing transgender surgery has to admit that his surgery will not turn a biological man into a biological woman.

Transgender Surgery Survivor Warns Caitlyn Jenner

His surgery went down in Trinidad, Colorado. This is a place that has been established as the "Sex Change Capital of the World." The surgeon, Stanley Biber, perfomred 5,000 of these surgeries during his career.

Heyer recognized his mistake eight years after he went through the process. In an attempt to change his gender back to male legally, he had to file a petite with a California Superior Court. The petition was to make sure that he meets specific criteria.

Part of the process included Biber writing a letter to the court and confirming Heyer meets the medical criteria. In Biber's letter, he confirmed that despite having surgery and taking hormones, Heyer was still a male. Heyer wrote, “In the letter, he testified that the surgery and cross-gender hormones had the effect of neutering my external appearance and genitalia, but my internal biological structure and my genetics were still male."

Heyer was completely unhappy with the procedure. “Sex change surgery will ruin your life.” Heyer added, “Both of us came away with the same conclusions: gender change surgery was a destructive body mutilation and a waste of time and money; after the medically-certified gender change, life didn’t improve; gender dysphoria, that feeling of unease with one’s gender, persisted, and was not relieved as promised.”

When you combine the high suicide rates with the fact that the person does not actually change what sex they are, transgender surgery is not very likely to a successful process.

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