Tom Fitton is the president of Judicial Watch. He has been following the Las Vegas massacre as closely as anyone. Fitton just said what everyone is thinking: I don't trust the FBI.

On Wednesday he tweeted, Fitton tweeted, “I don’t trust the .” and the tweet went viral because many Americans agree with him.

For someone so close to the investigation to say this, it's really something to think about.

He's not the only person who feels this way Sheriff David Clark has been in law enforcement for almost 40 years. Despite this, he has made it very clear he is suspicious about everything that surrounds the Las Vegas shooter.

Clark even took to Twitter to help engage the public more in this investigation.

It seems no one trusts the Deep State.

Don't forget, ISIS has tripled down on claiming responsibility for the attacks. They claim Paddock converted to Islam six months ago. Even the Las Vegas Sheriff suggested the idea that Paddock was radicalized. He made this suggestion only one time.

The American people deserve to know the truth when it comes to the motives for Stephen Paddock. At this point it's difficult to trust the FBI to bring them the truth.

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