Tim Kaine’s Florida Rally – Must See

Hillary’s VP has had a tough time drawing a crowd. This time is no different. People will be shocked when they see the turn out for Tim Kaine’s Florida rally. It was in West Palm Beach.

Tim Kaine's Florida Rally turnout low

There might be 30 people there. And that includes media. Check out what people have to say on Twitter about it.

Tim Kaine’s Florida Rally


You might be saying, yeah but it’s only a rally for the VP, those probably have small turnouts. Well by comparison let’s take a look at Mike Pence’s rally. This was in Salisbury, NC.

Mike Pence also held an enormous rally in Albuquerque, NM. This was his third time having a rally here!

Mike Pence is like a rockstar when compared to Tim Kaine. How is this election still even in question? People wonder why Trump is unwilling to immediately accept the results of the election. This is why. There is obviously more support for Trump/Pence. The media is pretending that North Carolina will be a close call between Trump and Hillary. How is that even a possibility?

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