Tim Allen Mocks College Liberals on ‘Last Man Standing’ – VIDEO

Tim Allen is a rare breed. A Hollywood Conservative. Well now he’s kicking it up a notch. In his new show ‘Last Man Standing,’ Tim Allen mocks College Liberals. If you aren’t familiar with his previous working mocking liberals, you can check it out here.

Specifically Tim Allen’s character Mike Baxter of ‘Last Man Standing’ doesn’t have time for avoiding microaggressions. It seems like the left expects everyone to avoid microaggressions altogether, but it’s just not a reasonable request. I, for one, do not take microaggressions seriously at all.

Watch the video.

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Mandy: No, uh, you can’t say “Ladies and gentlemen,” because it excludes those who don’t identify as either.

Mike: Hmm. But those are the only two choices.

Mandy: No, not anymore. You just have to keep it gender-neutral, okay? Please continue.

Mike: “Hey, everybody.” “America is the land of opportunity. I stand before you as –”

Mandy: Stop! Okay, by saying that America’s the land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities.

Mike: I’m not implying it. I’m saying it. If you live here and you work hard, you can succeed. That’s how this works.

Mandy: Uh…yeah, that one’s on here, too. It hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don’t succeed.

Tim Allen Mocks College Liberals

This episode really makes an awesome point. First, College Liberals make themselves an easy target, just by nature. They are young and have a lot to learn. Then when you surround them with uber liberal professors and administration, they’re given almost no chance to develop common sense.

‘Last Man Standing’ deals with many realities that Conservatives deal with on a daily basis. Society is attempting to make it to where everyone in hesitant and is following by an arbitrary set of rules. An idea like Mike has such as “hard work will take you far in life” seems to trigger the Liberals. It’s more like they need a built in excuse for those are having trouble succeeding in life.

Good for Tim Allen. He is a real diamond in the rough in Hollywood. Kudos to him for not being able to take a stance, even with the character he plays in his TV show. He backs up his character in real life, believe me.

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