The Cops pull up to a car and catch a drift of marijuana. They begin questioning the young, black men in the car, but they refuse to cooperate. Soon after that an incredible scene breaks out and the thug tries to shoot a police officer, but instead gets flattened.

The man gets out of the car and at first it appears he is going to be cooperative. Then suddenly he breaks away and takes off running. The only problem is he doesn't get far at all. The Tulsa Police Officer tackles the thug and chokes him out, giving him a face full of pavement.

Watch the video and see the thug get owned.

Then at the end of the video the thug is pleading with the cops, playing the victim card. It's really not that hard to avoid getting your ass kicked by the police. Watch this video if you have any confusion about how to avoid getting your ass kicked by the police.

How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

In the end, these police officers navigated a very tricky situation and brought these thugs to justice. Many people are quick to criticize cops, but they face these tough situations every day.

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