A lot of people are out there looking for instant gratification. Including this young fellow. In this video a thug touches a girl's butt then gets dropped!

Sure, she's a cute girl. Sure, she knows it and is showing it off. But does this give you the right to grab her butt? Absolutely not! This guy certainly has some lessons to learn in life. One would be, "keep your grubby mitts to yourself, young fella."

No matter how hot you think a young lady is that leaves you no room to just reach out and grab it. She's hot and she knows it. If she wants to show it off, that's her right. Judging from her body, she puts in some work to look that good.

Watch the video.

WARNING: Foul Language

Thug Touches a Girl's Butt and Pays the Price!

Luckily for this young lady there was someone around to have her back. Is there any chance this idiot makes the same mistake again? You can never be sure, but probably not!

What do you think about this video? Did she have this coming for her with the way she dressed? Like and share this video on Facebook if you think some people need to learn the hard way.


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