On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - a span of just three days - we saw three Democratic candidates drop out of the presidential race.

The first one to drop was Tom Steyer on Saturday. Then on Sunday we got the surprise of Pete Buttigieg dropping out. I really believe there is something to him dropping out though.

Finally, we saw Amy Klobuchar end her campaign on Monday.

The Daily Wire reported Klobuchar, who tried to bill herself as a moderate and who was the least extreme Democrat candidate in the race, still would have been more far-left than any president in decades The New York Times noted in its endorsement of her campaign.

“Klobuchar’s prosecutorial background, gentle public (though perhaps not private) demeanor, and background from a largely rural state combine to make her somewhat more centrist-oriented than many of her 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination rivals,” The Daily Wire reported. “However, Klobuchar can still be fairly characterized as a full-spectrum leftist/progressive. Her 2020 presidential campaign emphasizes universal/socialized medicine and climate change, among other issues.”

Klobuchar performed poorly throughout the Democrats’ first four primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

I really think that Joe Biden is teaming up with some of the Democrats who have dropped out and trying to create a "dream team" of sorts in order to win the voters who were backing every single one of these candidates.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Biden has quite a hill to climb in order to beat Bernie Sanders. It's not going to be easy. None of these other candidates were doing it, so for the "good of the gander" they dropped out and pushed their support towards Biden.

With all of the other candidates still in the race, the non-socialist vote was being split too much to make any ground. That's why they did it before Super Tuesday.

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