It may not be on the news right now amidst all that is going on, plus you know how the mainstream media is anyway, but what we're seeing happening in Portsmouth, Virginia is on the verge of a civil war.

I don't mean a nationwide civil war, but intrastate as there is a huge political breakdown happening.

Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene announced that State Senator Louise Lucas has been charged with two felonies for a June 10th protest that turned violent.

Fourteen prominent people, including State Sen. Louise Lucas, were charged Monday following the destruction of the Confederate monument in June that left a man seriously injured.

Now, there’s a new effort to throw the book at Lucas’ daughter, Lisa Lucas-Burke, the vice mayor in the city. Some say Lucas-Burke’s demands for the firing of Police Chief Angela Greene violate a section of the city charter that says council members cannot call for the firing or resignation of any city employee.

Portsmouth has been in the national headlines twice this summer: First, for the protest that toppled a portion the city’s vandalized confederate monument, and now for how Greene has handled the matter.

In a unique move, the police chief has said Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Morales cannot prosecute the 14 cases because she has been named as a potential witness.

Governor Ralph Northam threw gasoline on the fire.

“She is the most powerful African American woman in Virginia history, and the night before session, they release these two arrest warrants? Something just doesn’t smell right,” said former governor Terry McAuliffe, one of many prominent Democrats to come to Lucas’s defense. “We need to get to the bottom of why this happened.”

Chief Greene who is also black said that people must “trust in me to take the appropriate law enforcement actions when necessary.”

To make things even more chaotic Portsmouth Vice Mayor is calling for Chief Greene to be fired and the city’s top prosecutor Portsmouth Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales can’t prosecute the cases because she is a potential witness in the police investigation.

The drama didn’t stop there…

Now that Lucas’s daughter, Portsmouth Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke called for Greene to be fired, she’s in hot water too. It is a violation of the city’s charter for a council member to call for the “firing or resignation of any city employee.”

The Vice Mayor is doubling down, “I can express my opinion, just like any other citizen, and I am an elected official of this community so I have a responsibility to relay their [the public] concerns,” said Lucas-Burke.

People are now calling for Lucas-Burke to be charged in violation of the cities charter.

What is happening in Virginia is a total political breakdown. As civil unrest explodes across the country is seems the far-left is trying to pull America into a civil war.

Big things are happening in Virginia. Maybe we are actually seeing the beginning of a revolution. It's not hard to figure out who would win.

Washington Post | WAVY 10

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