Much of the left has been frantically waiting for the Mueller report to come out and for President Trump's life to be ruined. Count John Brennan among those.

Just three days ago John Brennan responded to a tweet from President Trump. He predicted plenty of doom and gloom for President Trump once the Mueller report was released. In his mind the reason for President Trump's "bizarre tweets and recent temper tantrums" was indication that his political and financial future was about to be put in jeopardy.

That's right, President Trump was in such a state of panic that he was out on the course with Kid Rock.

He's smiling, but in Brennan's mind he was just hiding how scared he is about the Mueller report coming out.

George Papadopoulos didn't hesitate to call out Brennan:

President Trump weighed in on Brennan's tweet:

Check out some of the hilarious tweets on the situation:

What are the Never Trumpers going to talk about now? The Russia/Trump collusion investigation is over and has been proven that is exactly what President Trump said it was the whole time: a witch hunt.

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