Prior to her own show on Sunday morning, host of Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo joined Fox and Friends and made a radical statement. However, it is definitely a true one.

She told Fox and Friends that everything that liberals and the mainstream media have done and failed at in their attempt to destroy President Trump is the biggest political scandal of our lifetime.

Here's what Bartiromo said:

"It’s incredible to me that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge this and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge this wrongdoing. This is the biggest political scandal of our time. Let’s be clear. They wanted to take Donald Trump down. They used the tools that we use against terrorists! They did wiretapping, illegal. They did informants running at Trump campaign people. They did leaking to the media and then they used those same leaks as evidence to the FISA court," said Bartiromo.

"And by the way, Christopher Wray just said that the last two FISA warrants are illegal, they're still looking at the first two. So don't kid yourself, it may very well be that all four warrants to spy on Carter Page are unlawful.”

"They laugh at anybody who says anything like this against to tell the truth. But then the mobs come at you and they try to shut you down. Shut you down on Twitter. Shut you down on Instagram. Whatever it takes to make you go away so you do not expose the wrongdoing. It’s been exposed. It’s out there. Little by little the American people are figuring it out.”

Slowly but surely, the truth is coming out like a leaky faucet. We're getting more information all the time and now we even have criminal investigations, FBI Director Christopher Wray admitting that at least the two of the FISA warrants were illegal, and there should be some arrests coming in the next couple weeks as well.

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