This election is not close to being over. Not by a long shot.

It's crazy that I keep having to remind people of this in my own circles. There is a lot of legitimate fraud and because of this, there is a lot of work to do before the next president is actually determined.

I honestly, still have no idea how this is going to turn out. I'm hopeful that the truth will be revealed and the Democrats exposed.

There are multiple cases going on in multiple states, especially those key battleground states because that's where the most fraud was committed.

Perhaps no other state saw more instances of fraud than Pennsylvania though.

When I went to bed on the night of the election, President Trump was ahead by approximately 700,000 votes. That is a massive margin. Then all of a sudden, Joe Biden somehow just miraculously gained that much ground on the President? Not a chance.

The reason they were able to pick up the lead for Joe Biden is because they brought in truckloads of ballots and practically every single one of them was for Joe Biden.

Also, just this week, we learned from the truck driver himself that he drove these ballots from New York all the way to Pennsylvania. This is coming straight from the source.

At this point, President Trump is still likely to win this election as long as we can continue to expose this corruption and it looks like that's exactly what's happening.

The Trump legal team has been traveling to the key states for public hearings in which they and witnesses have been presenting the evidence of the fraud and it is very, very clear that there is no way that anyone should be able to certify the results in their state with a good conscience.

On top of that, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have been busy with their case(s) as well and have said that they're going to be presenting it to the Department of Justice once they complete it and have all of the evidence they need for a solid case against the Democrats or whoever it was exactly that orchestrated this whole fraud. If you listened to them earlier this week in Atlanta, they say that George Soros is behind this.

Soros is the guy who everyone blames political mishaps on, but I can't say that he's not at fault. In fact, I would believe that he is at fault for much more than we realize.

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