It doesn't any lower than thieves. These hardworking men are trying to make an honest living when this thief steals tools right out of their trucks. These real men don't let him get way though.

This happened in March and thanks to surveillance this epic chase was caught on video. It went down in the Dallas area. While the thief was able to grab the tools and start to pull away, the construction workers were able to run them down.

The suspect was cruising down the road when he spotted the very valuable saw in the back of a truck. When he jumped back into his truck to take off, the construction workers chased him down and one jumped on his hood of his car, per KTVT in Dallas.

The thief kept driving with the construction worker on the hood of his car. Thinking quickly, another construction worker jumped in his truck in pursuit. He chased the suspect out of the surveillance camera's frame, but not for long. A few minutes later the car came back into view, with the construction worker still on the hood! The truck was still in pursuit and rammed the suspect's car.

Watch the video.

Thief Steals Tools and Gets Chased Down

Rick Bauman lives nearby and was able to see all of the footage. He told KTVT that he was "astounded" the construction worker jumped on the hood, but understood his anger.

“I wish they’d caught him and beat the bejesus out of him,” Rick Bauchman said.

Another neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, was able to see the entire event go down, including what was not seen on the surveillance camera.

The neighbor said, “And at that point the red car stopped, backed up, turned around, and came flying back past me with the person still attached to the hood.”

It was a very high risk move that worked out. They were able to get their tools back, but it shouldn't come to that. This scumbag criminal will pay the penalty for the crime he committed and not get to go pawn this very valuable saw. Sweet justice.

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