Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, as well as a number of other top-notch attorneys have been unearthing some of the most unbelievable things in regards to this election.

Last week, they held a press conference to talk a little about some of the things that are to come.

Among the overwhelming evidence that the Trump legal team already has, possibly the most damning is that they have someone actually admitting to rigging the election against the President.

During the press conference on Thursday, Powell said,

"One of the Smartmatic patent holders, Eric Coomer … is on the web being recorded in a conversation with Antifa members saying that he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden, that there was ‘nothing to worry about here’ and they were going to ‘f*** Trump’. His social media is filled with hatred for the President and the United States of America as a whole. As are the social media accounts of many other Smartmatic people."

Powell then explained in detail her allegations that Dominion technology, which was used in 30 states in 2020, had been specifically designed with backdoors and loopholes in mind to allow end-users to rig elections:

"People admittedly can go in and change whatever they want. They can set the ratio of votes from one thing to another. They can say that a Biden vote counts as 1.25 and a Trump vote counts as 0.75. And those may be the numbers that were actually used here."

She continued,

"We have evidence of different numbers of votes being injected into the system. The same identical unique 6-digit number multiple times in at least two states that we have analyzed so far, and I’m talking about like 341,542 votes for Biden and 100,012 for Trump. There’s no… logical explanation for the same numbers being injected 20 minutes apart into the machine.

The software manual itself – you can download it from the internet – and I would encourage you all to read it; because it specifically advertises some of these things as features of this system."

This is going to be the week if anything is going to happen. At least, that's by belief.

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