The situation is Texas is very scary and our prayers are with them. That said, it's great to see a nation come together during a natural disaster. This Texas Woman braves a freaking hurricane to hand a Fox News reporter a six pack. She tells him, "Have some Galveston beer!"

What a great endorsement for the friendly people of Texas. These people are in the face of a deadly natural disaster. Despite this, the Texas woman in the video makes sure that Casey Stegall of Fox News gets a cold one and feels welcome in Galveston.

Watch the video.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

Stegall thanked the woman, who ran off. He said that the beer would be enjoyed after the broadcast.

"Just friendly people here," he said.

However, Stegall and his crew had bigger issues to worry about.

"I just want to say, my producer and everyone off camera is telling me that a tornado warning has just been issued for the Galveston area," he said.

Fox host Harris Faulkner wrapped up the broadcast, telling Stegall, "you gotta get out of there."

Though she was able to provide us with a laugh, this remains a very serious situation. Thoughts and prayers go out to those facing this storm. As the song says "God Bless Texas."

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