Beaumont, Texas Mayor Becky Ames is in trouble after she was busted violating her own "stay home" order while getting her nails in a now viral incident.

Ames ordered all nail salons to be shut down and imposed a $2,000 fine to anyone who broke the "stay home" order. Despite this, she was busted in a salon getting her nails done.

Despite this, Ames claims she was only learning how to take her nails off.

Tell me another one, Becky.

More on Becky's tall tale from Washington Times:

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames says she did not violate the city’s stay-at-home order when she visited a closed nail shop.

After a picture that circulated social media sparked criticism of the mayor showing her nails soaking in a bowl, Ames explained she wasn’t getting a manicure but was soaking her fingertips in acetone to remove the artificial nails.

Ames said the salon owner told her the shop wasn’t open, but that she would mix up some solution for pickup, according to Beaumont Enterprise. The photograph was taken while Ames was soaking her nails to learn how to take them off.

Needless to say, some of the people of Texas are not happy about this.

Another Democrat who thinks the rule does not apply to them. They are anti-gun, but their security carries guns. They think they are above the law. This happens again and again.

There is no doubt she should be paying this fine.

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