Though media has played a key role in spreading critical information about Hurricane Harvey, this Texas man reminds CNN they need to show some respect.

Take note on how the reporter changes his tone after the Texas man lectures him on how he should be treating Rockport, Texas as if it was his home.

It's a bold move by the reporter that are putting themselves at risk and reporting on this hero. Despite that, the fact remains that they need to treat the area with respect.

Per Daily Caller:

“I didn’t care to be on TV, but I just want to tell all y’all reporters and the people here, when you’re here, act like this is y’all’s home,” Joe Kirchens, a Rockport resident, said. “You know, have the respect to report like this is y’all’s…you know, this place is gone so we need help.”

Kirchens explained that he didn’t have much time before the storm to evacuate and only had enough time to board up his home. Kirchens said his house survived the storm but is in a “disaster zone.”

“All I have to say is y’all guys treat this like this is y’all’s place cause I’ve seen the reporting in some of these places and some of the guys have the respect …just treat it like it’s y’all’s place,” Kirchens reiterated.

It's a tough situation in Texas. Thoughts and prayers go out to those battling through this disaster.

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