A 31-year-old Guinean man attacked a police officer with a knife near Central Station in Milan. The terrorist attack in Italy was stopped, fortunately.

This happened on Monday afternoon. The man was identified as Saidou Mamoud Diallo. He was arrested for attempted murder, per Corrierre della Sera.

He was shouting and airport officials approached him and asked him if he needs anything. At this point he pulled out his knife and began making threats.

At this point the crew barricaded themselves in the shuttle bus with great fear of Diallo. He was shaking a great deal while holding his knife and clearly in distress. At this point the crew had called the police.

Police arrived on the scene and while they were restraining Diallo, he attacked one of the officers with a knife. The officer was struck in the shoulder and taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and only suffered minor injuries.

Terrorist Attack in Italy Stopped

Terrorist Attack in Italy Stopped

Per Breitbart:

Investigations revealed that Diallo, who had no identification on him when he was apprehended, had given the authorities four other pseudonyms when stopped in the past for, among others, threatening behaviour and resistance to public officials. He also had an extradition order issued to him on July 4.

Roberto Maroni, president of the Lombardy region, wrote on his Facebook page: “He was subject to an extradition order from the Sondrio Police headquarters, yet he moved in our territory free and undisturbed.

“I express solidarity with the affected officer and all forces of order that guarantee our security and defend us from these crazy criminals every day.”

Silvia Sardone, a Milan City councillor from the centre-right Forza Italia party, said: “An emergency situation has been underestimated for years by the left in this town, which continues to oppose a serious security plan in the area to counteract crime and degradation.”

She accused the left of preferring “the squalor of hundreds of immigrants” to trying to “save this area, entry gate to so many tourists in the city.”

At this point this is not being treated as a terrorist attack, as nothing was found of Diallo being radicalized. A very similar incident occurred in May when a Tunisian man attacked a policeman and two soldiers with a knife.

Meanwhile, migrants continue to flood Europe.

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