There's no disputing it, there is some serious voter fraud happening right now in Michigan, and now I can tell you that the following weeks or maybe even months, will be a battle for every vote and a battle for the validity of every vote.

At the same time, we need to make sure that every vote is actually counted. We're also seeing some SERIOUS issues with this in Arizona as they handed out Sharpie markers instead of pens to fill out ballots.

We've mysteriously seen hundreds of thousands of votes, all for Joe Biden overnight. Every single vote of the nearly 139,000 that came in Michigan overnight were for Joe Biden. Not a single one was for any other candidate.

We also know that at least 38,000 ballots were received later than the Michigan deadline and were being counted. I don't mean like an hour later, I'm talking about at nearly 4am.

"Starting hour 13 at AV Counting Board in Detroit at Cobo Hall. The majority of the final drop of 38,000 ballots that arrived at 3:45am have yet to be counted. Military overseas ballots have yet to be counted as well."

According to Michigan election law, all of these mail-in and absentee ballots had to be submitted before 8pm on Tuesday night in order to be lawfully accepted and counted for the election. This means the city of Detroit potentially sat on these ballots for hours. The white van that arrived had the name of Detroit city clerk Janice Winfrey emblazoned upon it as well as a logo and a phone number. Last month, Winfrey set the stage to drag out the process in an interview with ABC 7 News.

“We’re back in control, and we know that we will have nearly 10,000 poll workers that will be working with us to process ballots on election day, or election week is what we’re calling it now, because we know we’re going to be slow,” she said, adding that she was not going to let “outside influencers” get in the way of her election day schemes.

We're not going to know the real results of this election for a while I suspect.

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