We are all ready for Barack Obama to end his run as president. So is Ted Cruz. You gotta see this. Ted Cruz tells an Obama joke. He told this on New Years Day.

Ted Cruz Tells an Obama Joke

Whether you were for or against Ted Cruz during the primaries, there are many things he stands for that most can agree with. For one, more than anything, he wants to end the nightmare that is Barack Obama as President of the United States. Another thing is Ted Cruz is a man of principle. He stands behind what he believes in and does not change for anyone, whether they like it or not. Fortunately, one of those things he believes in is that Barack Obama is a disaster of a president.

The end is very near. This joke really hit home for me as I am more than ready for the day to come where President Obama is no longer President Obama. I might do the same thing as this man. Find a way to bask in the glory that he is no longer our president.

If you found this joke funny, feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Happy New Year!

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