CNN has been cooking up a big nothing burger about Trump-Russia collusion for a long time. Meanwhile, Team Hillary colluded with Ukraine government officials. Sean Hannity of Fox News asks, "Where's the outrage?"

Why was Team Hillary colluding with Ukrainian government officials? To dig up dirt on the Trump team, of course. All of the information they were able to gather was sent back to the Democrat National Party and also the Hillary Clinton camp.

On Monday evening, Sean Hannity went off on the meeting the Clinton camp had with the Ukrainian government. He demanded to know why the media is silent when it comes to her communications with the government officials and journalists and their collusion. Meanwhile the Fraudulent News Network is going nuts over Donald Trump Jr's meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign. Republican Senator Susan Collins is demanding that the Senate Intelligence Committee interview Donald Trump Jr. on Monday. Hannity went off.

“And by the way since everyone is talking about collusion, why didn’t the media and Democrats freak out over a story in January that had real evidence? And by the way, you won’t get this from any other mainstream media outlet. None of them will talk about this,” Sean Hannity railed.

Look at the headline from Politico.

Hillary Clinton collusion Ukraine

Hannity wasn't done...

“According to a Politico report, Ukrainian government officials tried to assist, aide, help Hillary Clinton in several ways by questioning then candidate Donald Trumps fitness for office by assisting Clinton allies in their op research by putting out documents insinuating that the Ukrainian government was investigating a top Trump aide.”

“A DNC operative even met with Ukrainian officials at the Ukrainian embassy in D.C. to discuss ways to expose former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and ties to the country!”

Oh! They went to the Ukrainians, an outside entity! Another country! Well, where’s the outrage over this?!”

What will it take for this witch hunt on the Trumps to stop? Perhaps if the Dems are held accountable and put in jail. That could be the only way to stop it.

Watch the video.

Sean Hannity: Team Hillary Colluded With Ukraine

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