This #TBT is a great chance to have a laugh at failed President Barack Obama. In this video Obama says manufacturing jobs are never coming back. Then Trump sets a record with 40k manufacturing jobs in one month.

In June of 2016 Obama was asked about the Carrier Corporation jobs in Indiana.

Obama's response:

“When somebody says like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exectly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh-uh no answer to it. He just says. “I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.

According to a report from ADP Services, there was a new record set for the most new manufacturing jobs in history. 40,000!

Yet Obama still refuses to admit he's wrong.

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