The tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton before the FBI's Hillary Clinton decision was a huge story. Now the FBI released a 29-page document that contained Justice Department emails regarding the meeting. The meeting happened just days before former FBI Director James Comey announced that he would not press charges against Secretary of State Clinton despite her "extreme carelessness" she exhibited while handling classified information.

Per Town Hall:

series of emails show one FBI official, whose name and email are redacted, fuming over leaks to the media about the meeting and what happened on the tarmac. The official received an email from a "layman" alleging a local Phoenix police officer who may have talked to a reporter "sounds like a security threat." Officials went back and forth about finding out if the officer was SWAT or simply worked the motorcade and that "at a minimum" he should never work another detail again. One asked if local law enforcement assisting the FBI on motorcades should sign non-disclosure agreements in the future. Another official called an Observer article about the meeting, with details about how President Clinton got to Lynch's private plane, "infuriating."

There is correspondence from former FBI agent Peter Strzok who has since been removed from the investigation due to his strong anti-Trump stance. It has also been reported that Strzok played a key role in softening Comey's statement on Hillary Clinton. Additionally Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and James Comey are also on the emails.

You can view the documents here.

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