In a very unusual event, a sitting president has the opportunity to appoint three Supreme Court justices in a single term in office.

We all know, of course, that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently passed away which allowed an open seat in the highest court in the land.

The President has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has an incredible record and is a woman of immaculate character. Nevertheless, the Democrats are already attacking her and many are even refusing to sit in on the hearing with her.

The media is doing the same as well. Just look at how the nasty women of "The View" spoke about her (this was pretty reserved, but still attacking).

There's been debate among conservatives and liberals about whether or not to wait until after the election, but Barrett's experience is impressive and worthy of the nomination.

She received her education through Rhodes College and the University of Notre Dame. She's served as a professor at the University of Notre Dame, helping shape the next generation of great legal minds. Barrett even had the opportunity to serve as a law clerk under the late and great Antonin Scalia.

She has been a district court judge for 4 years and is a well-qualified nominee that is an originalist, someone who will interpret and uphold the United States Constitution as it was intended.

Now, respected Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman believes Barrett is an excellent choice. Feldman is someone who supported Trump's impeachment and doesn't always agree with Barrett's philosophies.

The fact that he's come out in support of her is an excellent sign that she is well-suited to have a seat on the Supreme Court.

Feldman believes that she is brilliant and that she will be fair justice given her commitment to the law. Feldman had the opportunity to get to know Barrett in the late 1990s when they were both law clerks.

This choice that the President made is going to be the best pick out of the three that he has made so far.

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