As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout the U.S. all we can do is hope that everything that we're currently doing with social distancing, the shutting down businesses, and the hygiene practices are making a huge impact to eliminating this virus.

We should also be hoping that the havoc this is all wreaking on our economy is truly worth it as well.

What's even crazier though is that we also have to be sure that other countries are doing their part to contain the virus as well because if we get rid of it here in the U.S. and they fail to get rid of it in other countries, it can come right back.

"A new study suggests that ending social distancing too soon in Wuhan, China, where the novel coronavirus outbreak started, could cause a "second wave" in the summer.

The research, published in The Lancet Public Health journal, notes that keeping the social distancing measures in place until early April could delay the "second wave" until early October. If the ban were lifted too soon, it could happen as soon as August.

"The unprecedented measures the city of Wuhan has put in place to reduce social contacts in school and the workplace have helped to control the outbreak," said the study's lead author, Kiesha Prem, in a statement. "However, the city now needs to be really careful to avoid prematurely lifting physical distancing measures, because that could lead to an earlier secondary peak in cases. But if they relax the restrictions gradually, this is likely to both delay and flatten the peak."

In their observations, the researchers found that if the measures were lifted in early April, it could reduce infections by 24 percent through the end of the year. Other scenarios were also modeled as part of the research.

China recently announced it would lift the lockdown on Wuhan, a city with more than 11 million residents, on April 8. Fox News previously reported that travel restrictions were relaxed in the city."

One thing we do need to be mindful of though is that if China does open borders too soon, we can still keep ours closed. I think that after the dust settles down from this, we need to do something else to further monitor those coming into the country.

Fox News

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