Many high school Spanish classrooms celebrate Cinco de Mayo by hitting a piñata with a stick. In recent years, this act has become controversial and it is affiliated with cultural appropriation. Big shock, the PC Police is out everywhere. Well, this teacher took things a few steps further. This teacher let students smash President Trump piñata on Cinco de Mayo.

In Johnstown, CO there is a teacher at Roosevelt High School who is in trouble for putting up a piñata that looked like President Trump. The school board has already stepped forward and labeled the act "disrespectful" and said it is not in line with the "values of the school district."

An investigation is underway after photos of the piñata crushing were posted online, per Denver Fox affiliate KDVR:

The school district put a message on Facebook that confirmed the student was put on "paid administrative leave." Just think for a moment. What if there was a picture of Barack Obama on the piñata. What kind of punishment would that lead to?

Believe it or not, this is not the first time there was a piñata that featured Trump on it. Last year at the same time, there was a very similar event.

It is no wonder that the young people of this country start out as liberal. Starting at a very young age that are participating in acts such as hitting a piñata with President Trump on it.

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