A college student at a university in New Jersey recently announced that it will be suspending a student after a Zoom meeting for class.

The reason Stockton University is suspending the student, Robert Dailyda, is because he has a Trump photo background during the meeting.

As if that weren't ridiculous enough, now they are trying to destroy his education and piling up more charges again him which include cyberbullying and harassment.

Later that day, Dailyda posted the following on his Facebook timeline,

"I have gotten to the point that I have to say something. I love this country. We are a diverse, yet assimilated population from all backgrounds. I believe all must have the same opportunities and I commit to make that a priority. Beyond that, I am done with the leftist agenda of BLM and the white self haters. I have seen it in action in my doctoral classes at Stockton and the general media. I'm not backing down. If we can't get past this, ok, I'm ready to fight to the death for our country and against those that want to take it down. I believe there are also many like me."

The message above was posted on Dailyda's personal Facebook account after he received a bunch of messages from his peers about his harmless background choice. Dailyda faced multiple criticizing messages in private chat and of course, inevitably felt the need to leave in order to avoid further conflict.

Police contacted Dailyda a few days later, receiving a report claiming he had made "threatening statements". After the police did a proper investigation they obviously let him go seeing no need to pursue the charges, just read his post. There were no threats, he was simply showing that he will stand his ground if they refuse to let it go.

July 10th, Robert Dailyda was called in by Stockton's Care and Community Standards Office where they would continue to pester his personal views.

"They asked him to explain his political views, Zoom background, and Facebook post," FIRE reported. "Dailyda explained that [he] was disappointed with Stockton's institutional endorsement of the Black Lives Matter movement, aspects of which he does not support."

Following the meeting, Stockton administrators officially charged Dailyda with violating nearly a half-dozen provisions of the Campus Code of Conduct, including: Disruptive behavior, Discrimination, Harassment, Hostile environment, Harm

Because of the charges, the university is considering numerous options for disciplinary action against Dailyda, including suspending him, imposing a fine, assigning community service, or mandating he attend a "social justice workshop" and a "decision making workshop." 

The left hates free speech and don't be mistaken, it is under attack and in jeopardy of being lost entirely.

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