On Thursday conservative personality Steven Crowder released an incredible undercover video, infiltrating and exposing Antifa. Two undercover reporters stayed with Antifa for a few weeks and obtained video footage of members of Antifa discussing violent attacks they plan and even the weapons they plan to use to carry out said attacks. They were planning on disrupting an event that was featuring conservative superstar Ben Shapiro.

At the beginning of the video, Crowder explains that his team of reporters has been "infiltrating this organization for a long time, hard." He was able to obtain such irrefutable evidence that Crowder and his team were thanked by authorities for their work.

Check out the video.

Per Daily Wire:

"Are they really an inconsequential group of rabble rousers?" asks Crowder of the group that has been championed by so many on the Left. As the video shows, and as so many around the country have learned over the last year, the answer is a resounding no.

One of the reasons they are so influential, Crowder explains, is their broad support base on the Left. "Antifa is in a PR battle, so what they claim and what they do is very different," says Crowder. But behind the scenes, they are organizing and planning — as his undercover operatives found out firsthand — to enact violence.

Despite some politicians and celebrities on the left publicly distancing themselves after Antifa's egregious acts of violence became too politically toxic to openly endorse, Crowder notes, "Antifa has never operated alone. They've been actively supported by professors and other leftists and student organizations." Crowder provides the example of current Utah State faculty members who "encouraged and emboldened students to disrupt the Ben Shapiro event and create chaos."

What an incredible job by Crowder and his team. What's really crazy is how the media was not interested in obtaining information about this violent, far left group.

Crowder closed out the video in extremely strong fashion by asking, "Is the media complicit in all of this, or do they just suck at their jobs?"

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