California could be in for a world of hurt very soon with the coronavirus fighting to work its way into the United States. California seems to be poised to get the worst of it given the poor living conditions there still hasn’t been a travel ban issued. Nothing has been done really.

Now it looks like things are really getting worse.

According to NationalReview, California is monitoring 8,400 people who arrived in the state on domestic commercial flights for the Wuhan coronavirus, Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Thursday.

33 individuals have already tested positive for the virus, five of whom have been moved out of the state.

“We knew this was inevitable,” Newsom said at a press conference. State officials remain in “constant contact with federal agencies,” the governor stressed, adding that the state’s top priority was obtaining more testing kits since current supplies are “inadequate.”

“We’re not just preparing — we’ve been actively participating in addressing this issue for many months, aggressively,” Newsom said.

A recent California case has exposed a flaw in the testing procedures which could be leading to many who are infected that haven't been tested yet.

A woman in Solano County, California, who hadn’t traveled abroad or had contact with another known patient with the illness was diagnosed with the virus Wednesday, raising concerns that cases are going undetected because of the federal government’s narrow testing protocols.

The patient sought care at a local hospital before being transferred to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento because of the severity of her case, according to a letter hospital officials sent to members of the campus community. Suspecting coronavirus, doctors at UC Davis asked public health officials about testing for COVID-19, the name given to the illness believed to have originated in Wuhan, China.

But the request did not meet protocols laid out by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The woman didn’t have a history of travel or contact with a person with a known infection. So no test was administered. The patient continued to receive treatment at UC Davis for four more days, without a diagnosis. Finally, on Sunday, the CDC requested the test, according to the letter.

It came back positive.

Considering the State’s dense homeless population, many won't even seek medical treatment or diagnosis which will increase the level of danger.


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