Liberals are being taught a tough lesson this week. Starbucks vowed to hire 10,000 refugees. This was a rebuttal for President Trump's immigration freeze. Soon after, Starbucks stock plummets right after they took on Trump.

First off, this announcement violates EEOC rules. Several conservative Trump supporters have vowed to boycott the company.

Worst of all (for Starbucks), Starbucks stock plummets. Check it out.

Starbucks Stock Plummets

boycott starbucks, starbucks stock plummets

Their stock has dropped 3 points or more the past 2 days.

starbucks boycott, refugee, immigration

At this point, Starbucks is probably reconsidering their stance on Trump's immigration freeze. Maybe they learned that sometimes it's not good to be liberal just for the sake of being liberals.

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