Here is proof that Starbucks follows Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia. A woman attempted to order but the the store refused her and advised her to send a man. Here is her post on Twitter just after this happened.

Under Sharia Law, women must be with male escorts in order to do many tasks, such as voting and opening a bank account. On top of that, they are banned from driving. How disgusting is that?

So guess how Starbucks attempted to cover this up? By lying, of course.

There is no information about the renovation. Also, why would the renovation prevent only women from being able to order coffee? Of course, Starbucks offered no additional explanation with regards to this. It makes absolutely no sense.

What makes this even more ironic is how Starbucks just promised to hire 10,000 refugees in the United States. This is in an effort to snub President Trump's travel ban. Also, last year Starbucks supported the "Race Together" campaign, which backed Black Lives Matter. Starbucks likes to make a huge deal about their progressive values, but will say nothing about how they obey Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia.

Why don't the feminists make a bigger deal about this? Possibly because they are too busy wearing vaginas on their head to do anything substantial.

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