Mark Dice is back it with another awesome video. In this video, Starbucks calls the police because a customer wants his name "Trump" written on the cup.

The man had already cleared up his issue with corporate. He was told he could have whatever drink he wants and could put whatever name he wants on it. This bearded hipster decides that's not how things are gonna go down.

Check out the video.

Starbucks Calls the Police on "Trump Cup" Customer

The Liberal was triggered when the customer wanted his cup to say Trump. Even though company policy says that he should grant the customer his wish, he couldn't get himself to write Trump on the gentleman's cup.

The customer was documenting all of this on video so he would have proof of the incident. Plus he knew that he had a potential viral video in the making. But when the people at Starbucks decide to call the cops that makes it even more hilarious.

Starbucks continues to go further and further downhill. Looking at some of the awful things Starbucks has done in the past. There is one thing that Starbucks cares more about than selling coffee and that is pushing their liberal agenda down everyone's throat.

Please do your part and do not spend a dollar in this crap establishment. Also, do your part and help us take them down completely. Like and share this story on Facebook so we can completely expose them and smashed whatever is left of this disgraceful company.

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