Spanish Police With a Tutorial For US Law Enforcement on Handling Antifa – VIDEO

Antifa has been causing major issues in the United States. They have terrorized Trump supporters in Berkeley and the United States police are having issues with taking care of them. The Spanish police on the other hand are not having issues.

Not long ago a prayer rally was put together by Trump supporters, but had to be cancelled due to the threats of violence by Antifa.

Another incident in Berkeley was when Antifa thugs chased police officers out of the MLK Plaza. They were screaming “f*ck you” while flipping them off. In the video below a police car reverses to get away from the scene just after tear gas was dispersed.

Antifa cheered and claimed victory as the cops took off.

The Spanish police don’t play when it comes to Antifa. Their methods are much more effective. Watch them beat the crap out of these far left thugs.

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