Many college students have been tricked into thinking socialism is good. These socialist students reject socialism on camera since they don't know what it is. Of course we know socialism doesn't work. That's because we are able to use our brains to think and not just believe what people tell us.

Luckily, Young America's Foundation is here to information these socialist.

Watch the video.

Socialist Students Tricked Into Rejecting Socialism....With Facts!

Per The College Fix:

Many students at Davidson College recently responded in anguish and outrage after some conservative students filmed a video asking people on campus if they would sign a petition to redistribute GPAs for the sake of “education equality.”

Many students refused to sign the petition, saying it wasn’t fair for a variety of reasons, including that people who earned their As should keep their As, and that students who are given good grades without hard work might not be inspired to improve.

So anyone who has bad grades was willing to sign up and get the free bump to their grades. The people at the top thought that you should get what you deserve. So yeah, they were "tricked" into rejecting socialism.

So people who earned the most successful grades deserve them, but those who earn the most money doesn't deserve it? Doesn't make much sense does it.

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