Some Americans thinks we need socialism here. That is definitely not the case. Here is an example of socialism at work. The Venezuelan government is forcing bakers to only sell bread to those who support the regime. Remember, Bernie Sanders had massive appeal with the Democrats due to his socialist values. These people in Venezuela are starving and living under a Marxist regime.

Here are some examples of socialism at work.

Below is the grocery line in Socialist Venezuela.

Socialism at work

They have it so bad off in this socialist nation that they must hoard toilet paper.

Socialism at work

A massive line leading to the supermarket.

Socialism at work

Daniel Duquenal, Venezuelan blogger, reported on it:

From the Candelaria Assembly Twitter page:

Carlos Julio Rojas, coordinator of Defense Front of North Caracas, said the order comes from the Government of the Capital District.

Socialism At Work

To think there are some Americans who think the United States should become a socialist nation. In these types of countries there is still wealth being distributed. It is juts being distributed to those at the top of the government. Meanwhile, the citizens of the country struggle to get by.

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