A popular country music singer was recently canceled from his appearance on Saturday Night Live for an idiotic reason.

Morgan Wallen was seen in a video partying and kissing multiple women.

The reason the network gave for the cancelation...I guess it's because he wasn't wearing a mask? I dunno. There's no telling with liberals. He even tested negative for the coronavirus.

Wallen posted a video on Instagram informing his fans that he wouldn’t be performing because of the leaked video of him partying.

“I’m not positive for COVID but my actions this past weekend were pretty shortsighted and they have obviously affected my long term goals and my dreams,” Wallen said. “I respect the show’s decision, because I know that I put them in jeopardy and I take ownership for this.”

The country music star then began to apologize.

“I think I’ve lost myself a little bit. I’ve tried to find joy in the wrong places and, I don’t know, it’s left me with less joy,” Wallen said. “So I’m going to go try to work on that. I’m going take a step back from the spotlight for a little while and go work on myself.”


Wallen said that he respects Lorne Micheals decision and is encouraged that he will appear on the show at another time.

I’m sorry Wallen’s apology was pathetic, you are a rock and roll star for goodness sakes. There is no reason why Wallen can’t perform because he tested negative for the virus. Wallen does not need to apologize to anyone.

Here's the video of Wallen partying:

Well, the last time I checked, this was still America and people are free to do what they want with who they want in a consensual relationship regardless of what the government or stupid liberal nighttime show says.

This guy has no spine and like many other celebrities have bowed down to the liberals.

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