This world is sick and only getting worse! Pedophiles are fighting for their "right" to be attracted to children. CHILDREN!

In fact, they are now referring to themselves as "MAPs" which is short for "Minor Attracted Persons." They are also demanding to be included with the LGBTQ communities. They even made their own "Pride" flag.

Don't get me wrong, I think the LGBTQ community is one confused, mentally ill group of folks. However, pedophilia is a whole new level of perversion and mental illness.

Daily Caller reports: 

According to Urban Dictionary, the blanket term MAP includes infantophiles (infants), pedophiles (pre-pubescent children), hebephiles (pubescent children), and ephebophiles (post-pubescent children). Some MAPs also refer to themselves as NOMAPs or “Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons”.

The “MAP/NOMAP community” tries to pull at people’s heartstrings by claiming that pedophiles are misunderstood marginalized people, and that as long as their attraction to children is not acted upon —  or in some cases when they get permission from the child — that they should not be villainized.

Absolutely not. Grown adults being sexually attracted to children is downright disgusting and disturbing. These people need help, not a pat on the back and normalized.

I guarantee you that if a pedophile ever has the audacity to touch my child, I will hook them up with the best cure I can think of: a smoking hot, hollow point straight out of my 9MM Smith and Wesson.


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