Quite a strange event happened during Harvey Weinstein's trial for rape after being accused by two women of the crime.

Jurors were required to review photos of Weinstein's genitals which is being used as evidence after recent testimony from one of the women.

The jury in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial was given the task to review naked photos of Weinstein as part of the evidence in the trial. Spectators were not allowed to see the photos.

One of his accusers, Jessica Mann made a most outrageous claim against Weinstein.

“He would talk very dirty to me about fantasies and things, and compare me to the other things actresses that he said were doing kinky, dirty things with him. He always wanted to film me. I never gave him permission.”

“He would say, ‘Do you like my big, fat, Jewish d**k?’” continued Mann. "He has an extreme scarring that I didn’t know, maybe [he] was a burn victim …”

“The first time I saw him fully naked,” she told the court, according to the report. “I thought he was deformed and intersex…He does not have testicles, and it appears that he has a vagina.”

It was reported that when she said this, Weinstein lowered his head. Is that a sign that he's ashamed of what she just said because it's true, or is it a sign of amusement because of how ridiculous the claim is?

“It was very bad,” she said, when asked to describe his hygiene, according to the report. “He smelled like s--- — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.”

“He also peed on me once.”

Based on the reaction of the jury, the allegations may be true because more than one juror had adverse reactions to the photos.

After I heard Mann's testimony, this is what I thought should have happened as well. The photos will either dismiss everything she claims or it will help back up what she said.

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