Overall, people have been pretty cooperative and doing their part to fight this virus. That means adhering to stay at home orders and social distancing.

But then you have your idiots out there which are generally the younger people like high schoolers or college students who feel that they are invincible and have no regard for the lives of everyone else out there who may be at higher risk for contracting the virus.

A recent video shows an encounter that 4 young girls had with a man who ended up grabbing the neck of one of the girls for not practicing "social distancing."

“The 27-second video shows a man and a woman confronting a group of young adults at the Norton Commons amphitheater,” the outlet explained. “The man talks momentarily before walking forward, shoving the young women and then going to the ground and grabbing another woman, who had knocked away the phone from the woman who was with him and was shooting her own video.”

At least one of the girls admits that they were acting like idiots and that what they were doing was wrong. They were treating it like it's some game.

Here is what one of the girls posted to social media. The post has since been deleted, but here is what it said:

“My friends and I were irresponsibly failing to social distance at Norton Commons Amphitheater. I understand that we are a part of the problem, but I think we in no way warranted what proceeded to happen.

A couple who was clearly intoxicated and angry approached us while cussing and borderline yelling. They were claiming to be physicians, which I don’t doubt, and were criticizing us for being out. The woman shoved her phone in one of the girls faces and she knocked it out of the woman’s hand in an attempt to get her away. That is the initial commotion in the back. The man then shoved/hit two girls out of the way and proceeded to choke the girl on the ground.

I have an extended video that includes myself yelling at the man to stop. I am not sure that he would have stopped without my presence, as I was one of two guys in the group and am a decent amount bigger than the guy. I didn’t want to post myself cussing on the internet, but am more than willing to hand it over to someone who can edit my face out.

There is an ongoing police investigation, and the video is now allowed to be released, but I think this man deserves to be publicly shamed for what he did. It is embarrassing and terrifying for a grown man to assault an 18 year old girl. If anyone can help identify the people or help get the video publicity, feel free to comment or DM me."

Daily Wire

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