Desmond Napoles is an eleven year old boy who has become infamous for being a child drag queen. Now his mother, Wendylou Napoles, claims she is shocked to hear a convicted pedophile calling her son  sexy and "hot."

MRCTV reports:

According to Gay Star News, convicted pedophile Thomas Victor O’Carroll penned a piece on the popular blogging site WordPress under the headline, “Desmond is truly amazing — and hot," praising the 11-year-old child as a “pretty, young boy” and a “sexy kid.”

O’Carroll wrote in his blog, "Let’s face it, when a pretty young boy tells the world he is gay and dances sensuously in front of grown men, wearing vampish dresses and makeup; when “she” strips off items of clothing or goes on stage scantily clad right from the off; when dollar bills are accepted as “tips” from an audience apparently wild with excitement; when all this is going on we are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent."

"And that’s great. It is wonderful that a rare niche has been found in the modern, developed world within which at least a few kids can truly be themselves, in ways that deny neither their gender feelings nor their sexuality." The pedophile continued, "Being a drag queen, or a drag princess if you will, puts it right out there, in the open for all to see. It says, loud and proud, “I am a sexy kid, with sexy feelings. It’s totally cool for grown-ups to get turned on by me. I love it. That’s why I do this stuff. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s me!”

I am not sure what is more disturbing: hearing a grown man talk about a child in such a sexual manner, or the fact that parents like Desmond's mother think it's okay for children to participate in such disgusting absurdities.

"We do not approve of his statements and have written to [WordPress] several times but they have yet to remove it. It is highly inappropriate to speak of minors in this manner," Wendylou Napoles said, “[Critics] claim we are purposely attracting pedophiles. That is like saying a woman attracts rapists. It is victim blaming.”

Either she is honestly naive or completely, and utterly ignorant. I am going to go with the latter. What kind of mother dresses her child up in a suit of meat and throws them to the wolves, but then blames the wolves for licking their lips?

She is just as much to blame as the sickos fawning over the little boy.

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