Pretend black man Shaun King berates the Eagles on twitter for not signing Colin Kaepernick. Talk about your all-time backfire!

King got the party started when he thought he could throw a specific move Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made in his face. King tweeted that Lurie "wouldn't hire Colin because of his anthem protest, but hired a white player who called black people 'n*gger.'" King was talkign about when the Eagles signed wide receiver Riley Cooper a few years back despite him being caught on camera dropping the n-bomb at a country music concert.

At this point King became very triggered:

King wasn't done. He then issues a long screed where he tried to paint Colin Kaepernick as some kind of hero due to his activism.

At this point the Eagles had enough of King's nonsense. They stepped up and put King in the trash can for misrepresenting Lurie's stance on the issue:

King has his head too far up his behind to realize that there is a legit reason for Kaepernick not starting in the NFL. His style of play is falling out favor in the NFL. Additional to that, the Eagles already have two fine quarterbacks with a better track record than Kaepernick.

On top of that is it worth all of the drama Kaepernick will bring, especially when you consider he will be the third string quarterback?

King will be boycotting the NFL until Kaepernick is signed to a team. There is no sign of that happening anytime soon.

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