Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC champ Conor McGregor just ended their world tour to promote "The Money Fight" which is going down August 26 in Las Vegas. To say things got heated during the exchanges would be an understatement. These are two guys who love to talk trash and are good at it. Lunatic Shannon Sharpe blames President Trump. This is hysterical.

Some might say they went over the line with their trash talk, but that's what they do. Actually, most might say they went over the line. That's who they are, though. McGregor built his brand on saying outlandish things and knocking people out. Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather has built his brand on people loving to hate him. People pay big money to watch his fights in hopes he gets knocked out, which hasn't happened yet. Sure, he has millions of fans, but he gets a large percentage of the casual fan to watch because they want to see Floyd go down.

"Dance for me boy," McGregor said to Mayweather. It seemed to offend many others more than it did Mayweather. Being from Ireland, McGregor is not familiar with the racial intricacies of the United States where calling a black person "boy" is considered racist.

Mayweather got his fair share of shots in as well, including calling McGregor a "faggot" during a different event.

That's what these two do. They talk a big game and then they back it up. That's why it was hilarious when Shannon Sharpe blames President Trump for the degree of trash talk going down.

“I don’t have a problem with trash talking,” Sharpe stated. “I don’t have a problem with you trying to sell me something, but doesn’t need to be sexist, it doesn’t need to be racist, it doesn’t need to be derogatory. And that’s what we saw. I’m disappointed as a society because we’ve come to accept this. I hate to say this, guys, but this is the President Trump effect because he has been allowed to say certain things with no ramifications.”

Skip Bayless stepped in and gave a tiny bit of reason. He said, “I hear what you’re saying and in spirit, I agree with what you’re saying. But this is not the Donald Trump effect, this is the Conor McGregor effect."

Remember, McGregor wore a suit with the words "f*ck you" embroidered in it over and over. He has been a brash man long before President Trump took office.

Watch the video. It starts right when things start to pick up and get good.

Shannon Sharpe Blames President Trump


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