Many key Republicans headed to the White House for a victory lap when they passed the historic tax reform. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and many other senators celebrated the passage of the bill. While President Trump was delivering remarks from the south side of the White House, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was was standing behind Trump's left shoulder. Senator Tim Scott was in photos, prompting Andy Ostroy of HuffPo to call him Trump's "token black guy." Tim Scott responded and it was incredible.

First Tim Scott tweeted about the accomplishment of passing the tax reform bill.

Some people did not appreciate Scott being included in the photo. Andy Ostroy, a Huffington Post contributor, had a very ugly take on why Scott was there. He seemed to think Scott was only there was a prop taunted him for being the "one black person."

Senator Tim Scott Called Trump's Token Black Guy By HuffPo

Ostroy quickly realized that his tweet was a huge mistake. In about an hour Tim Scott returned with pure fire.

Senator Tim Scott Called Trump's Token Black Guy By HuffPo

Another leftist painting with a broad brush and making himself look like a complete fool. Andy Ostroy made the terrible assumption that Tim Scott was only there to make the team working on the bill look more diversified. Little did he know Tim Scott was a key player in writing the bill and its passing.

What a fool!

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