Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions put together a Senate report on terrorism. The report is very telling as to where terrorists come from. Hint: They're not born in the U.S.

Senate Report on Terrorism

Senate Report on Terrorism Has Some Telling Statistics

Despite these statistics, this does not include the San Bernardino shooting that resulted in 16 deaths. Additionally, it did not include the Minnesota and Ohio terror attacks in 2016.

Per The Federalist:

If one were truly interested in whether there is a terror threat from individuals born abroad, one would examine the totality of activity, not a narrowly constructed definition aimed to minimize it. That’s what senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions did last June when they examined 580 individuals successfully prosecuted on terrorism offenses from September 2001 until 2014. According to the senators, 380 were foreign-born and at least 40 were refugees. While not all of those cases involved successful or attempted terror attacks, all involved cases that were terrorism-related.

FOX Business News released a report with regards to terrorism. According to the report, there is a federal list of 24 refugees that were charged with terrorism who were from the seven countries who were banned in Trump's recent executive order.

Reports like these are needed so that the left can become aware of what type of threat these countries to the United States. While it seems obvious to most, liberals have a hard time wrapping their head around these concepts.


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